Sunday, October 16, 2016

Effects of Synthetic Marijuana

The many dangers of drug abuse revealed especially synthetic marijuana use and abuse.

Monday, July 4, 2016

The Hard Lives of Britain's Synthetic Marijuana Addicts

Legal highs are set to be outlawed by the British government in response to a growing number of news reports about students overdosing on the synthetic drugs after using them recreationally.

Do you really need to stop marijuana addiction?

Marijuana is the top illegal drug used in the United States. Also called “gateway drug” it is the first drug that is often tried by users before they try other types of substances. It is very popular among youth and adults, especially that it is now more accessible in many states in the U.S.

Marijuana is highly addictive that nearly 10 percent of people who have tried it will eventually become addicted to it. Once addicted, they will begin showing changes in behaviors and manifest more bigger problems later in life. 

Everyday, a lot of people seek marijuana addiction treatment to get in control of their life again. However, only a few people will stop using the drug because they think that it is part of their social life. 

Marijuana addiction is a serious condition and needs immediate medical intervention. So why do users need to stop using cannabis? 

Here are 4 of the reasons why:
  • Tendency to develop psychotic disorders. Marijuana addiction triples the chances of developing psychotic problems. A study revealed that marijuana users are more likely to have psychotic disorders such as major depression as compared to people who do not use the drug.
  • Tendency to develop brain abnormalities. A research has found that those who smoke marijuana ages 18 to 25 years of age at least once a week have more chances of having problems in the emotion and reward centers of the brain. 

The study confirms that even casual users may develop other addictions aside from smoking marijuana. The abnormalities in the part of the brain may interfere with the user’s ability to control emotions.
  • Marijuana addicts are 4 times more susceptible to have depression. One study has found that marijuana users are 4x more likely to have depression than those who do not use the drug.
  • Marijuana is toxic to the adolescent’s brain.  A research has revealed that marijuana addiction that started at a young age makes the users to have lower IQs. The damage to their brain is irreversible even they stop smoking drugs.

When you or your loved ones have decided to quit marijuana addiction, then it is time to create a new life without drugs in it.  Know the factors or situations that trigger the addiction. It is important to know what drives a user to smoke marijuana and prevent it as much as possible.

If it is stress that is triggering marijuana addiction, learn how to manage it. If it is sadness or depression, then seek other people’s company. There are variety of ways to fight addiction, but one must have the motivation, patience and seek support from other people.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Fighting Addictions...

The All-Pervading Addiction To Marijuana

Despite the entire improvements made in pharmacy and era, our country as an entire nonetheless struggles with drug habit. Probably the most often used illicit medicine within the United States is marijuana. Marijuana is constituted of the leaves of the hashish sativa plant and is usually smoked in a pipe or rolled into a cigarette.

The element in marijuana that may be responsible for its mind-altering impact is THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol). Even though it's been prescribed to regard positive medical prerequisites, abusing the drug may have terrible health effects such as memory problems, decreased coordination and focus, difficulty fixing problems and more. It can also result in finding out problems and injury to the lungs.

Dependancy to marijuana is regularly both bodily and mental - craved by way of both the body and thoughts. Those who have a family historical past of addiction, a psychiatric disorder or loss of shut family involvement are most in danger for growing an habit. Signs of addiction come with greater tolerance to the drug, ongoing use in all spaces of existence and withdrawal signs while the drug isn't taken.

If someone is addicted to marijuana, the only actual treatment choices are counseling and more than a few sorts of person or crew treatment. There is these days no medicine to be had to be used in treating marijuana dependancy.

The most productive prevention to marijuana abuse and addiction is to never use the drug in the first position. Whether it is prescribed through a doctor, the suggestions must be followed sparsely to keep away from conceivable abuse and/or next dependancy. Through knowledge and instruction and far choice, we will decrease or do away with the addiction to this drug to assist save you its physical and mental uncomfortable side effects for higher health for our families and buddies.